Patient Reported Outcome Data Analysis

Inclusion of PROs in clinical research and clinical trials of liver disease has become standard practice. Analyzing and interpreting PRO data is of great importance to patients, health care providers, payers, drug manufacturers and policy makers. Over the past 2 decades, COR-LD has pioneered analyzing PRO data for patients with different types of liver disease, including viral hepatitis B and C, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, cholestatic liver disease, cirrhosis and its complications (hepatic encephalopathy, ascites etc.) and liver transplantation. These analyses, not only include standard analysis of the generic, disease-specific, utility and work productivity PRO instruments but also include development of models predicting improvement of PRO scores before, during and after treatment. Additionally, we have used sophisticated analytic approaches to map disease specific scores into utility and work productivity scores into financial burden.