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Members of COR-LD are leaders in developing and validating quality of life instruments, and performing PRO data analysis for patients with liver disease. Since mid-1990s, the team has developed and validated a number of disease-specific health-related quality of life instruments for liver disease such as Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire (CLDQ) and its hepatitis C (CLDQ-HCV), hepatitis B (CLDQ-HBV), PBC (CLDQ-PBC), PSC (CLDQ-PSC) and NASH (CLDQ-NASH) versions. They are also experts in analysis of PRO data, including CLDQ, SF-36, SF6D, EQ5D, FACIT-F, WPAI and a number of other generic and disease specific instruments. They have authored over 150 peer-reviewed articles in the areas of liver disease-related health-related quality of life and other PROs.
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