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Purpose of the Center for Outcomes Research in Liver Diseases (COR-LD):

The Center for Outcomes Research in Liver Diseases, dba CLDQ LLC has pioneered outcomes research related to liver disease. Members of COR-LD are involved in a number of important research projects related to patient-reported outcomes (PROs), economic analysis, large database analysis and systematic reviews/meta-analysis for patients with liver diseases as well the Global Liver Registry.

Over the last decade, assessing the efficacy and effectiveness of medical interventions for patients with liver diseases has moved beyond reporting only the clinical outcomes to more comprehensive reports that include clinical outcomes as well as outcomes important from patients’ perspective or PROs. The impact of liver disease and its treatment on patients’ experience should include assessment of physical, emotional, social and mental well-being. Additionally, chronic diseases such as liver disease can affect patients’ work productivity with its economic impact on patients, their families and the society.

The Center for Outcomes Research in Liver Diseases provides expertise in PROs and outcomes research for different types liver disease. To accomplish these goals of providing a comprehensive outcomes assessment, the team uses validated PRO instruments, economic modeling, large database and registry analysis the impact of liver disease on patients, the providers and the society.

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